Melanotan 2 For A Nice Tan

melanotan tanI hate being so white. I’m jealous of my friends with swarthy complexions and my black friends who never seem to have problems in the sun. I am a white person with Irish ancestry so that makes me one pasty, white, pale, ghost of a man. Don’t get me wrong, I make it look sexy. My problem is that I love going to the beach, I like having a mild tan but I burn so easily. I also wish that I could carry my summer complexion throughout the winter. I know all the science behind it like white people evolved in cold areas without much sun and we adapted by evolving light skin which helped us trap in more sunlight and vitamin D.

People who evolved near the equator are different and when they go to cooler climates they normally have a vitamin D deficiency. So, yes, I know the science but that doesn’t fix my problem. I’ve been looking for ways to get a natural tan and to keep it but nothing ever seems to really work. I’m against that spray on mess or dangerous tanning beds. I want something natural and something that looks good. Supposedly Melanotan 2 is that something that I’ve been looking for.

A Tan For Whitey

I’m an Irish guy who grew up hanging around Italians, Jewish people, Mexicans and Blacks. So, obviously, they nicknamed me, whitey. I was the crazy Irish dude who wanted to rap. I remember once going to the beach with my friends and getting the worst sunburn while my friends were not even phased by the sun. What I lack and need is melanin. It’s God’s natural sunblock and I don’t have any. Well, that was until I discovered Melanotan 2, which sparks the hormone that cause melanin so that people like me can naturally developed it. This is one of the wonders of science and it is a game changer. No longer will fair skin people have to put on chemical tans, use tanning beds or other methods to tan. Now, they can naturally develop a tan without all of these potentially harmful things. Our vary own melanin, sparked by a hormone that stimulated melanin growth. This means that we will have our natural summer tans all year around and that we will have some natural protection from the sunlight.

Do your own research on this to learn how it works and if it is right for you. The University of Arizona are the one’s who’s research department discovered this process. It is based on hardcore science. Goggle, “wiki Melanotan 2” to learn how this works so that you can know all about the process.

As you can see, there is hope for those of us who are not naturally tanned. We can use this product and develop melanin so that we can naturally have a tan all year around and so that we will have a natural defense against the sun light.


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